Using jump rings

Kath on the forum has been busy making jewellery and most recently experimenting with jump rings, and is sharing her creations with us. She has recently started a blog - so pop by and see what she has been making today: Kath's Blog

Jump rings come in many sizes, but generally Kath has been using mainly 7mm, but check out the patterns and see what they recommend.  Do not use pliers with markings inside or you will damage your rings, and do not pull them apart move them side to side.

Jump rings
Each of the jump rings have had a bead added to them, and then added to another ring.

The wire coils were made by Kath as well. She does have one of those coiling gizmos, but you can wound wire around something like a knitting needle. .5 is a good guage for this type of work.
Chain maille - box chain
Kath used a chain maille pattern, called box chain, Here is the tutorial: You tube tutorial

Lots of chain maille
So once Kath was bitten by the bug she went on to create all of these. The different coloured jump rings give the chain another dimension.

  Crafts by Carolyn published October 2011