Beaded jewellery

There are a number of jewellery makes on the forum and I thought it would be nice to show case some of their jewellery on the web site so get you inspired. These are all of Kat's makes, she has recently started a blog - so pop by and see what she has been making today: Kath's Blog

Pale Blue beads
This and the next using head pins to fix beads between 2 chains, making a ladder effect

Another ladder

Wire Wrapping
This takes a little bit of patience and practice - but produces pretty results.

Another wire wrap

Wire wrapping
Beautiful colours.

Coil beads
The wire coils were made by Kath as well. She does have one of those coiling gizmos, but you can wind wire around something like a knitting needle. .5 is a good guage for this type of work.

Working with wire

Elegant set

A piece of jewellery that will go with almost anything.

Matching set

These colours are such a contrast that produce stunning results.

Polymer clay
Polymer clay beads were made by Kath.  She used a pasta maker to help her blend the colours.

  Crafts by Carolyn October 2011