Free Digital Printing - Tickets

Tickets are popular at the moment and there are quite a few stamps out there that look great on papercraft projects.  So here are two ways for you to get tickets onto your projects and cards without getting a stamp:

I have produced a Word Document of tickets that you should be able to amend your self with colour and text, link is at the bottom.  Hopefully you can personalise with the date of the occasion or even names etc.  They look neat with the corners cut like Jackie's sample or with circles clipped in the middle...have a play and see how you do.

OR Ruthie has given us some that she has created as images, along with some lovely sample cards.


File is Here (opens in a new window)


This is a card made by Jackie (Okey-Dokey)

Here is another simple one from me

This is a sample - there are more on the file Here

These tickets can be changed fairly easily (I hope!) for font, colour, size and change the lines to solid dashed or spotted. You can move them by clicking and dragging them with your mouse.

Text - Font & colour changes
Place your mouse over the text on one of the images and click - this will bring up the text box.  You can now change the text and the font as a normal word dcument.  If you make the box bigger than the inner circle it will blank out some of the lines.

Line - appearance & colour changes
Place your mouse over the line on one of the images and double click, now right click --> format auto shape-->colors and lines tab - you should see the colour selected and the line type - you can change these using the drop down boxes, and also the weight of the line.

Change size of whole thing
Place your mouse over one of the images and click one, then right click --> Format object ---> size tab then change the height and width to your desired size.

Finally if you don't have MS Word I have just tested them on Open Office which is free to download from SunSystems and they work fine on there too.  Instead of WordArt it is called Fontwork and is in the drawing toolbar.

Here are some links:
Ticket maker

Air ticket maker

And some other 'sign makers' here:

UK style number plates

US style number plates

  Carolyn Woodruff May 2009