I Ching

The I Ching or Oracle of Change is one of the oldest books in the world and its origins are lost in prehistoric China. The oracle enables us to glimpse something of the mysterious rhythms that influence our lives and to re-align our lives so that they are more in tune with these rhythms.

So have some fun and use the results to make a special card.

The I Ching does not simply foretell future events, it also offers sound advice on how to act in such a way that the future can be faced and experienced in the best possible way.

When you consult the oracle, if the answer you receive is auspicious you can push ahead with your plans confidently; if caution is advised you can prepare for hidden snags; if the indications are bad you can alter your plans accordingly and prepare for difficulties ahead.

How to consult the I Ching

There are plenty of ways of consulting the Oracle of Change - this is just a simple fun version.

Relax and concentrate on one of your favourite things.. let your thoughts drift away.

Then think of a question (e.g. shall I change my job?), type it in the box, and click on the "Show My Hexagram" button below. This method will randomly generate a number between 1 and 64 - this Chinese philosophy is based on 64 hexagrams (six lines), each of which has associated with it advice, guidance or astrological thoughts. Each hexagram is made up of two triagrams (three lines), each of which will have its own meaning and name that will be shown next to it when the hexagram is displayed

Please note that this process and your question is anonymous and private. We only use your question to help create your hexagram, which is used to point to your reading.


Remember this is just a bit of fun, does not follow the original teachings strictly and isn't going to change your life - well probably not - who knows?

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