I Ching - cast coins

The I Ching or Oracle of Change is one of the oldest books in the world and its origins are lost in prehistoric China. The oracle enables us to glimpse something of the mysterious rhythms that influence our lives and to re-align our lives so that they are more in tune with these rhythms.

So have some fun and use the results to make a special card.

here is a fun way to cast your own coins, which is closer to the traditional Chinese method than the 'ask a question', then feel free to use the pull-down menus below to convert the results into hexagrams. Use one coin and cast it six times, again think of your question while casting the coin - you then use the results to make your hexagram. Traditionally the inscribed side of the coin, (generally the side that gives the value - tails on UK coins) equals a Yin line
whilst a reverse side (heads in the UK) equals a Yang line

The first coin you throw represents the bottom line of the hexagram, the second coin the next line up etc.

So if you cast in the following order:- Heads, Heads, Heads, Tails, Heads, Tails
this would give the following hexagram:

   K'an Water
   Ch'ien Heaven

This is the HSU - BIDING ONE'S TIME hexagram.

The triagrams of Water over Heaven represent an image of clouds drifting across the sky as if biding their time, so the decision associated with this hexagram is as follows:-

The Decision (there is always a unique one associated with an hexagram):-
"Biding one's time. Sincerity will lead to brilliant success. Firmness will bring good fortune. It will be advantageous to cross the great water."

So that's it - could that mean something to you? Then have a go!

If you do choose this method of reading, enter your results in the boxes below, with your first cast in the bottom box and your last result in the top. When all 6 results have been entered, click the "Show My Hexagram" button below.

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Remember this is just a bit of fun, does not follow the original teachings strictly and isn't going to change your life - well probably not - who knows?

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