Meaning of Flowers

I have put together this list - there does seem to be a few different meaning depending where you look, but I have focussed on the more common.

Flower Colour Meaning
Amaryllis white/pale or dark pink Pride
Aster Various Symbol of Love
Baby's Breath White Everlasting Love, Happiness, Pure in Heart
Begonia Various Fanciful
Bluebell Blue Thankfulness
Campanula White Gratitutude
Carnation Various Fidelity, deep love
Carnation Pink Motherly Love
Carnation Red Admiration
Carnation White Ardent love & devotion
Carnation Striped Unrequited love
Chrysanthemum Various Cheerfulness
Chrysanthemum White Truth
Chrysanthemum Yellow Honesty
Daffodil Yellow Devotion
Dahlia Various Good Taste, Instability
Daisy Various Innocence, Gentleness
Delphinium Various Airy
Edelweiss Various Daring, Noble Courage
Eucalyptus Leaves Protection
Forget-me-not Blue True Love, Memories, Forget Me Not
Forsythia Yellow Anticipation
Fuchsia Pink/white Good Taste
Gardenia Yellow Joy
Geranium Pink/white Stupidity, Folly
Gladiolus Various Bonds of Affection
Heather Pink Admiration
Heather White Good Luck
Honeysuckle Cream/Yellow Devotion Affection
Hyacinth Blue Constancy
Hyacinth Purple I'm Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Sorrow
Hyacinth Red or Pink Play
Hyacinth White Loveliness, I'll Pray for You
Hyacinth Yellow Jealousy
Iris Various Faith, Hope, Wisdom, Eloquence
Jasmine Various Amiability, Grace
Lavender Purple Luck, Devotion
Lily White Purity
Lily Yellow Majesty
Lily Calla I'm Walking on Air, False, Cheer
Lily Day Beauty
Lily Eucharis Coquetry, Chinese Emblem for Mother
Lily Tiger Maiden Charms
Lily of the Valley White Happiness & Humility
Magnolia White/pink Dignity
Orange Blossom (Philadelphus) White Everlasting love, Purity
Orchid Various Rare Beauty
Poppy Red Pleasure
Poppy White Consolation
Poppy Yellow Wealth, Success
Primrose Primrose Young Love
Rose Red Passionate Love
Rose Red and White Mix Unity
Rose Pink Perfect Happiness
Rose Yellow Joy
Snowdrop White Hope
Sunflower Yellow Pride, Sunshine
Tulip Red Undying Love
Tulip Various Passionate Love
Violet Violet Modesty

  Carolyn Woodruff October 2008