Numerology - Maturity Number

Your Maturity Number is found by adding together, using the form below, your Life Path Number (associated with your full name) and Destiny Number (associated with your birth date). This is a simple (and hopefully fun) version of the calculation - you need to buy a book to discover the details. You should be aware that your Maturity Number has more relevance as you mature, finally reaching a peak in your elder years. In fact, the Maturity Number begins at approximately 40 years of age and becomes a stronger influence as you get older. By 50 years old or so, you should have your Maturity Number fully functioning. After you move through a mid-life transformation, or slip past the mid-life marker, you begin to re-evaluate your life, achievements and ambitions. Your Maturity Number is an invaluable tool for helping you understand the direction for your later years in life.

It's important to remember that in order to have a fulfilled and fully lived experience in life, you mustn't ignore your Maturity Number. Its influence is felt throughout life but you won't really feel the strength of it until the second half of your life. This, then will be the time when you can best live in harmony with your true self - your mature self. Look forward to it - it's the best!

So remember, what you should know:-

  • Your Maturity Number reveals your true self and manifests as you grow older.
  • Your Maturity Number is found by adding together your Life Path Number and your Destiny Number.
  • When you meet others whose numbers are the same as your Maturity Number, there will be a strong attraction or strong test.
So go ahead and enter both your full name and birth date and see what your maturity number is.

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Remember this is just a bit of fun, it does try to follow the accepted methodology, but the answers cannot be comprehensive so it isn't going to change your life - well probably not - who knows? Anyway have a go, you may understand yourself or someone else that much better. To learn more about Numerology try this book - or one of the many other titles available on this subject.

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