This may inspire a personalised card theme - by entering their name below it will calculate their number and give you the results. Maybe the catd insert could have some of these details or even the front of the card, and the design could be based around the number.

Numerology, the theory of numbers, is a simple method of character analysis. It maintains that an ordering principle exists above and beyond the range of natural phenomena. Western numerology is based on the Pythagorean principle. This states that reality is constructed mathematically and that all phenomena are in fact numbers. Hence each individual's character and destiny may be expressed in numbers. Additionally, a person's name contains their true essence - your name is your identity and discloses who you really are. Numerology converts your name into numerals and analyses your personality by interpreting the numbers according to a set of rules.

In order to locate your number enter your full name, which was given at birth, in the box below. This name reflects the mysterious forces in the universe as well as your destiny. Nicknames and other names reflect your image in the eyes of those who gave you those names.

A woman's maiden name indicates her character before marriage, whilst her married name is likely to disclose how her marriage has affected her.

Another important number for numerologists is your birth number, which is calculated from the combination of numbers contained in your birth date e.g. 08/07/1995. This number reflects your character and destiny, as they were forged by the universal powers active at the time of your birth. this number may or may not match your name number. If the two numbers do not match, you may experience inner conflicts in your life.

So go ahead and enter your full name or birth date and see what your number is.

Each and every number is associated with a comprehensive symbolism of its own, which subsequently also determines the characteristic traits of individuals connected to that number.

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Remember this is just a bit of fun, it does try to follow the accepted methodology, but the answers cannot be comprehensive so it isn't going to change your life - well probably not - who knows? Anyway have a go, you may understand yourself or someone else that much better. To learn more about Numerology try this book. there are many more available

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