Using beads

I have loads of beads and I feel I should be using them, they are easy use and just add that little something - I know they are popular with the recipients.  I hope that I give you a few ideas on adding a few beads.

I have some metallic thread, that I have had for years, and is perfect for beads, embroidery threads work well too.  If you want the bead to stay in place, just tuck the thread back through the bead.  I often just tape the ends around the inside of the card or topper to hold it in place.  I cover it up with an insert on the inside.  I also use thin wire and thin cord, it really depends on the type of bead what you can use. 

Seed beads can be glued into place, for instance just pile them in the centre of a flower.  I have used the micro beads on a Cuttlebug cut - you can see it on the die cutting page. 

Bags of Fun
Two lots of beads have been used on this card.  Seed beads are just so pretty on this type of design. 

Dress it up
Jus a little row or beads on the bottom of the topper - the ends glued to the back out of sight.

Night out
Similar to the previous design.

I have given the stamped image her very own necklace - I used a needle and 'sewed' it in the right place using the loose ends..


I made a hole and finished it with an eyelet and made a little dangly.

It's A Boy
This is using the silver cord that is available in the shop, knotting it either side of the bead..

  Carolyn Woodruff September 2008