Using lace

I don't have many pieces of lace, and I prefer the cotton lace rather than the nylon type.  It can be quite expensive, but look around on market stalls for bundles.  We bulk bought some on the forum and Kath very kindly collected the money and divided it up amongst us all.

As you can see that mine are mainly in the vintage style.

I love this lace it has a velvet ribbon running through it.  Stamps are from the Artistic Stamper. 

Embossed using the cuttlebug.

Mother's Day
Ribbon & lace are both on this one - another victorian lady.

I have threaded ribbon through this lace.


Pretty deep pink lace, and a gem in her hair. This was stamped with a copper ink pad. and made a little dangly.

It's A Boy
...or a girl - a little different to the normal pink or blue.

Maybe New Home 
This lace is a little but different a striking colour, I have some in deep purple seen on another page.

Victorian Girls
I love the look with ribbon through the may have noticed.


  Carolyn Woodruff April 2010