Personalising cards

Sometimes it can be a pain and sometimes it can be fun, and it is always a challenge to personalse a card. Here are a few ideas, that might just help kick start an idea.

New Home
This one was made by Cazat on the forum the letters in the letter box are all personalised for the home in question 

A Fiddle
I was asked to make a card with a fiddle, as the chap in question played.  This was a challenge as I just didn't have anything suitable, so it was the turn of the internet.  I found a JPG photo and traced it using inkscape.  Then I coloured with pencils.

Silver Wedding
The numbers were cut using the Robo, and the calculations were all done usingthe date calculator - it will calculate from and to any date or just up to todays date: give it a try for free

Good luck
This was for someone that painted, baked, and walked that was moving away.  I had to leave out the baking!


Someone at work that was lweaving and loved her wordsearches.  This one contains all of the words that were the bane of her life.  I enclosed another copy for her to do!

A presonalised card was required but he didn't really do anything this sums it up a little I think.

Diamond Wedding
MY parents Diamond wedding - I scanned a wedding photo and added it to the card.

  Crafts by Carolyn January 2011