tags and charms

Instead of giving you some step by step instructions on making some cards using Tags & Charms I thought I would feature some on a page that Clare (Kenspeckle) and I have made, just to show you how they can be easily used to make an effective card with a few 'ingredients. Click on any of the images to see the larger pictures. I hope they inspire.

Little Duck
I printed the card first, and then stuck a little duck button on a pink vellum metal rimmed tag. I exchanged the white string for the silver cord, and then I stuck the cord to the card. Then I popped the gingham ribbon on afterwards. I left it a little bit longer and then trimmed it after the glue had dried.

Clare has made this by using a pink vellum metal rimmed tag and adding pink beads to the string and adding a pink bow. The message has been stamped

Happy Birthday
Clare has made this card starting with a pink vellum tag and has added square pastel buttons, some lovely pink fibres and a selection of brads. The addition of the punched daisy sets it off nicely

Blue Birthday
Clare has made this by using a blue vellum tag and also added an acetate Happy Birthday Tag. Again finished with blue fibres and printed strips

Flip Flop Heaven
I made this by first constructing a topper using the a pewter flip flop charm and tying a gingham lilac bow to the charm. I just glued this to the card topper. I then added some purple beads on a piece of metallic thread, and taped to the inside of the card. The insert covers the tape

Gardening time
Clare has made this by using a flower pot brass charm and mounted on handmade papers. Finished with a tag that she has made, and a dictionary excerpt.

I made this by cutting my own tag, and making the wording on my computer. I used the brass golf charms and the gold crinkled wire to the charm. The clock button adds to the retirement theme, but can be replaced for a birthday card. The gold is torn tissue paper. The natural fibres complete the look. I attached to the card by using double sided sticky pads.

  Crafts by Carolyn 2007