Free Downloads - PDF files - Christmas Box Decoration

This is just a box template that I have made - but have used it to make a Christmas decoration.

You can use the pdf file to print out and trace around, or cut out and colour and decorate.

Decorate it first and make a hole in the centre of the middle square and thread some cord through. At the time of writing this I still had silver and gold cord in the shop.  (the glued flap was then at the bottom of my decoration.

Then fold over all the creases, be careful to make them accurate to ensure that they will be nice and square. Then use glue or double sided tape, and seal it all up. You could put a mini gift inside, or sweets and presented on Christmas Day if you can part with them!. 

PDF File here - smaller

PDF File here - larger

GSD for cutting machines - smaller

GSD for cutting machines - larger

  Carolyn Woodruff October 2009