Introduction to Rubber Stamping - colouring the stamps

Once you have mastered the art of stamping there are loads of different places that have advanced techniques, I love to view the Hero Arts blog and they often have videos. Try searching YouTube as well.

The stamping section on the forum has lots of advice on techniques: rubber stamping forum

So far we have learnt to stamp, stamp onto coloured card and stamp simple outlines using different stamp pads, so here is another technique, where you colour the stamps directly with different colours. 


Bold stamps
This technique works well with those stamps that have a lot of bold 'stamp', but again - you can try this on any stamp.

rubber stamping with colour

rubber stamping with colour

Watercolour Pens
I have acquired a number of watercolour pens over the years, and the bolder colours tend to work best with this technique. Here you can see the type of pens I have, there are various makes, you just need to ensure that they are not permanent ones, but any water colour is worth a try.

You need to take your pen and pick out each area to colour, give it a nice coating, then just before you are ready to stamp you need to breathe over it (hurring!), so that the moisture in your breath will re awaken the areas that have dried, then immediately stamp.

You should end up with the effect shown here.  You can see the pens that I have used, a variety of makes, and it will work with kids markers as well just give it a try.

If you have a spray/mister have a go at spritzing the image, try after stamping initially and get a much fainter effect, or spray immediately. It should give a lovely watercolour effect.

rubber stamping with colour

Here is the same stamp, but one has been stamped through with words.

rubber stamping with colour

rubber stamping with colour

Chalk ink pads

These two have been coloured by using mini chalk pads, these stay wetter for longer, and you should be able to stamp straightaway.

The little ones that have 'pointed' ends are ideal for this as you can be more accurate where you place the colour.

rubber stamping with colour

Bookmark Card
And finally another one with the pens.

It is a card I made with a removable bookmark, it is not stuck to the card, just tucked under the greeting, and held with a clip.

And if the results are not as you would like try a different stamp, or different colour pens. Also try different types or card and paper, even try some watercolour paper.

rubber stamping with colour

  Carolyn Woodruff July 2012