Crochet bracelets

I have really been getting into my crochet, and found this great link to a bracelet made from crochet cotton and beads, and just had to give it a go to take on my holiday :)

So this is my first attempt following the pattern exactly and using multi coloured beads. This is the blog, with a step by step included, don't forget the US patterns call DC a SC: Future Girl Someone at work asked me to make a couple for her nieces, so I scaled the pattern down and only did 4 double crochet, with a single row of beads, down the middle. I did attach them in a wavy line eg in the 2nd DC then on the 3rd DC on the following alternate.

If you do not know how to crochet I suggest you google it - or look on Youtube, just to get the basics, there are so many sites out there showing you how to do it, and much better than me!  If you get stuck give me a shout on the forum and I will help you out :) I have been adding links as I find them to the forum here:
Crochet forum

So then I got bitten by the bug and made a few more, the black cotton I managed to get in a closing down sale for 1 - I have since added a black button, it is slightly thicker and so came out a bit wider.  I must have a go at doing it slightly different, but as the nights are getting darker I prefer to work with black in the daylight.

I the started having a look to see what other ideas there were, and found this lovely blog
Mrs Micawber
She has a couple of other lovely easy patterns on there, so well worth a look. This time I used 4ply cotton, that is suitable for knitting and crochet, I was luckly enough to get some in the sale in John Lewis (they were out the back and the nice lady got out the box for me to rummage through!).  This is much thicker and they grow really quickly.  The beads I used were 5mm and 6mm in size, and did spend ages trying to decide what size to order.

I also discovered it was impossible to thread the cotton through the beads with a needle - even the thin cotton, so used a piece of wire folded in half and it worked perfectly.

  Carolyn Woodruff Sept 2011