Cuttlebug - die cutting

As I explained on the embossing page I have a few die cutters.  The Cuttlebug (CB) dies have the ability to cut through quite thick card and also material such as felt.  The Sizzix original dies can also do this and can be used in your machine.  To use the Sizzix dies you just use the 2 perspex B plates, and not use the A plate

Vanessa at  Craftability showed me all the different things you can put through my machine.  She also showed me how to cut thick card using waste card from the back of pads and packaging.  This card is a bit thicker than the card from cereal boxes and works fine for 'chipboard'.  Have a look around the house or office and you are bound to find some.

Please note it is only the CB and Sizzix dies that will cut through very thick card and some of the different media than the classic thinner dies, although I can cut felt and foam with some of the thin dies not all.  So at the workshop we were able to cut card both thick and thin, paper, foam, felt, card covered in patterned paper. As far as I am aware you should be able to cut thin metal too.

For lots more ideas there are a selection of larger image cards....on this page

Using Glossy Accents

Cutting thick card
The Cuttlebug dies and some other dies like the Sizzix dies will cut through thick card.  I have been busy saving the backs of pads as this card is nice and thick and ideal to use as chipboard.  If you glue paper to it and then cut the card you can get some lovely results. 

You can finish off your pieces with an emery board or inks around the edges. 

You can also colour the pieces with inks or paints and then use a product such as Glossy Accents or Diamond Glaze, and you will have yourself some lovely shiny embellishments.  I have also used shimmer powders by first inking it with a Versamark pad or similar product.

Another great way to get a lovely shiny 3 dimensional embellishment is to use the triple embossing techinique, or use thick embossing powders otherwise known as UTEE.  I have only tried with embossing powders, and is a great fun technique. 

Felt card by Ruthie

Cutting fabric
The Cuttlebug dies and some other dies like the original Sizzix dies will cut through felt and fabric.  I have also found that a few of the less complicated dies from the 'thin' ranges will also cut through felt, it is a case of trial and error really.  So this can add another dimension to your crafting.  Not only can you use them on your cards but you can also use them on fabric projects and sew them on.

If you are struggling it may help to stick the felt to paper first, Ruthie on the forum suggests using permanent spray adhesive.  You can see some of the great cards that she has made using felt on here and on her blog.

Here is a fantastic cushion made by Nicki - Zugstitcher on the forum.  She has used die cut daisies, but as yet hasn't had big enough letters from a die cut to use, but you can see how the shapes can be used.  Nicki has been busy making them for charity

I have also put some of my Quickutz dies through the CB using the C perspex plate underneath rather than the B and some will cut through thin felt and fun foam, it is just a case of trial and error really. You can see a card here made by Ruthie from the forum and she has used the Quickutz beer mug die.

Try cutting thin metal, funfoam and acetate.  You can see my fun foam cutting and sewing below.  Let me know what you have tried and had success with and I can add it to the list!

Felt card by Ruthie

Another cushion by Nicki

Another felt flower

Fun foam flower

  Carolyn Woodruff September 2008