Using circle punch

Here are some easy instructions using a 1 inch (2.5cms) circle punch.

A quick, simple and effective idea for using a circle punch. There are some more ideas here

I punch the first circle at the bottom of my card. Push the punch into the card as far as it will go and about 4 mm in from the edge. Push the punch smartly to get a clean punch.

Now do exactly the same from the top of the card.

Now place the punch in the centre so that it is equal from each of the punched holes.

It really is as simple as that.

If you do not feel confident about find the centre of your card, take a piece of paper the same size and fold in half, use this as a guide.

You can now stick something in the holes, I have used the daisies from the shop and the pink gems, but a punched daisy would be good. Close the card and stick them through the holes so that they are positioned correctly. Don't forget to save the punched out pieces, you can add them to this card or add them to another. See the larger images for a few other ideas.

Here are some completed cards, click for larger image:

  Carolyn Woodruff 2007