Using tags

Here are some easy instructions to make a aperture card with a tag. Hopefully you can adapt the design to suit your card stock, maybe you have some aperture cards already.

There are lots of tags in the shop, along with buttons, charms and stick ons all suitable for this project.

If you want to print something on your card then do this first. You can always add a greeting afterwards maybe a layered greeting or a peel off. Then punch a hole using the large square punch.

Make a punch out from a pice of scrap paper and fold it in half and the half lengthways again, snip off the corner so that you are left with this:

Now use this template to punch two holes at the top of the aperture.

Now decorate your tag with an appropriate button, motif or charm. Thread your fibre or card through the tag.

Put the ends through the holes and tape neatly on the reverse, then add some ribbon or ric rac, so that the holes are just covered. Leave the ends long to trim afterwards.

And here is the finished card:

  Carolyn Woodruff 2007