Card Project - double folded card

Another folded card.

I had great fun playing with the best way to do this as I knew I didn't have a piece of card long enough. I used a piece of A4 card and cut it into two A5 pieces eg 15cm X 21cm, or probably just under 15cm, just make sure they are identical width as you will need to join them.

So this is how I did mine - I took the first piece and scored and folded it at 9cms then again a further 9cms, folding it in the opposite direction to the first fold. So this will be the back part of your card and the little fold (2 cms) will be where you join it.

For the front bit I decided to make it a 6cm and 3cm fold. So trim your card down to 18cm, fold at 6cm, then 6cm in the opposite direction then 3cm again in the opposite direction. If that makes sense.

Basically going up 6cm, then down 6cm then up 3cm and down 3cm. The first 6cm will be joined to your first card, I hope that the picture expalains it a little better.

I didn't join mine together until I had decorated it all. As you will see from the picture, I added a stamped image that stands proud of the card, and covered each part with patterned paper. I also used my corner rounder, I inked the paper edges, and even punched the corners of the paper on the from portion.  I then joined it together with two strips of double sided tape. 

You could use two cut cards, and just play about with the dimensions, although I think you may need to trim them down to make them long and thin so that the front part works with the pre-score, it isn't something I have tried yet.

  Crafts by Carolyn April 2010