Card Project - A few more folds

So following on from the foldback/gatefold card, I thought I would a few more that are folded a little different. 

Fold back
A nice easy one, just fold back the front of your card, cover with patterned paper, then add a front 'embellishment' - make sure you just stick half of it down.  I used double sided pads for mine.

Easel card

Easel cards are popular at the moment, not quite sure how everyone is making theirs, but I just folded the front part of the card in half, and then attached my 'picture' to it using the same size as the front of the card.  You can see what I mean from these two pictures.

You need to put something on the base to hold it on place, I used lace, but brads or maybe eyelets would work well.

and here is one Jake has made

And here is another fantastic card from Jake, this must have been loved by the recipient.  The flap just brings so much interest to the card.

Gate fold with a little bit extra

Okey-Dokey has made this gatefold card but added extra dimension with 'closures - how beautiful is this.

  Crafts by Carolyn June 2010