Step by Step Project - grungepaper flowers

grungepaper flowers

Jennie has kindly let me add this project to the site  I hope that you enjoy playing with Grungepaper, she has it for sale in her shop. It comes in a variety of textures as well as plain. 

To get your basic flower petal shapes, you can use a die cutting machine or cut them by hand. You can stamp first and then cut around the shape, or here Jennie has used her Cricut.

If you are using the Cricut, it is best to use a brand new cutting mat as it needs a bit of stick to hold the grungepaper, and set the cutting knife to no 6, and maximum depth and the highest speed. It cuts it, but the grungepaper needs to be pushed out gently afterwards.

Whichever you choose you need to choose a 6 petal flower and you will need to cut 3, you may want to add a couple of leaves as well. 

Colour your flowers Jennie has used distress inks, there are instructions here on using distress inks. Other inks will work and worth experimenting.  Jennie has inked with various shades of reds, and yellows for the two flowers, and edged the red flower with walnut stain to give a bit of depth

grungepaper flowers 

grungepaper flowers

Here Jennie has used Glossy Accents to glue the pieces together - but other glues will work. The grungepaper is a fabulous medium, and will bend and stay in place, and loves distress inks too.

Once they are all inked you need to cut them as shown in the picture giving you 5 pieces, the whole flower needs a slit in it, which is not that easy to see in the picture.

You are basically going to glue the petals either side of the cut on top of one and other, on the 3 bigger pieces. For the two small pieces curl the edges of the petals over with your fingers, or around a cocktail stick, then roll up. It is best to clip or peg them in place, whilst waiting for the glue to dry.

Allow all 5 pieces to dry. Curl all the petals so that they 'come alive' and sort them into order of construction - largest (base) to smallest (piece 5).

So now you need to make a cut in the centre of pieces 2 and 3 and the bottom of the 4 and 5. Put the base and pieces 2 and 3 on top of one and other with a little glue in between, then fill the hole with Glossy Accents, and poke through the next two pieces. Allow to dry.   You can add some glitter - Stickles smeared a little is perfect.

grungepaper flowers

grungepaper flowers

The grungepaper soaks up a lot of alcohol ink, but carries it beautifully, so if you have some of these you could try using them.  You can make more open roses and add a shiny jewel in the middle of the flower.

Jennie has added a You tube video

Jennie used these instructions to create her first flower: Maria's

  Crafts by Carolyn February 2010