Handbags on Cards

I know that girlie 'things' are popular on cards and I have been adding bag embellishments on my cards for a number of years now.  There are some lovely die cuts available now and even some punches, but maybe you don't own one or just fancy making something a little bit different. 

So I thought I would give you a few ideas on here on making your own little handbag, I am sure the ideas are endless, and can include shopping bags too. 

"Born to shop", "Have bags of fun on your birthday", "Shop til you drop" - can all be added to your finished card. Try the quotes database for ideas

I thought I would start with this little 'origami' handbag - which I guess some of you may have already seen, I first saw it in one of the Papercraftmag's book a long time ago.

You need to start with a square about 10 or 11cms square it really depends on the finished size you want. So play about with some scrap paper first, to get to the right size.

Then you need to fold it in half diagonally

Now bring the pointy side to meet the other side so that it is parallel to the bottom - as you can see in the picture 

Bring the other point to fold on top

Now you just need to bring the fold down to make the handbag flap. You can do several things here - if using double sided paper you could just bring one flap down to have a complementing colour flap

I like to turn mine over and use the other side so the folds are not showing.

Here is another finished by turning it over and using double sided paper. I have used a corner rounder punch on the flap.

Before gluing/fastening the flap down you can tuck your handle ends in, using cord or ribbon. Or alternatively glue it behind using some of the ideas below.

I did print the 'handle' directly onto the card using word art (the square shouldn't print I used it to line up), and the file is here using MSword. It is for use on A5 card folded in half.
MSWord file

So here are a few more ideas and some ideas on how to add some finishing touches.  For most of the handbags that I cut by hand, I first take a piece of paper and fold it in half.  Then make a cut so that you have a nice symmetrical 'handbag' shape.  If I intend to make a few I then transfer this shape to a piece of card.  If not I will just use the paper template to cut card or foam. 

Here is one that I made just from cutting a shape as described above.  I did use a square punch as I have one to help with the handle but it is not essential.

So I from these shapes that I cut... 

....I made this.  I did add a tiny button and some daisies.  You could cut it out in patterned card, and not bother with embellishments. 

This one I did start with a punched circle, but a similar shape could just as easily be cut by hand

I made the handle using the red rat tail that is in the shop, and twisted it with some thin wire to hold it in place 

This is made using fun foam and just a hand cut template.  The foam gives the added dimension, and can be decorated the same as the other bags. 

For the handle I have use some beads on a string.  A selection of beads on wire would work well.

I have popped a brad into the centre of a tiny daisy 

These two little bags were made using 2 circle punches, and some cord and glitter glue.


Small print paper is ideal for this and I will try and add some to the downloads. I have used the gingham, for a handbag flap.


  Carolyn Woodruff April 2008