Matchbook Album

Sue has made us another great project - a Matchbook Album - as it works like a book of matches - but there are pages inside instead.
The instructions here are a guide - but you could scale it down and make a smaller album if you wanted - or even a larger one, if you have a larger piece of card.  I made one following the instructions but changed it slightly as I started with an A4 sheet of card as I didn't have any 12 X 12.

I think it would make a great pressie for the 'proud Grandparents' or similar theme.  Sue set it as a challenge for us all on the forum and there were some fab ideas, Okey-Dokey did a 'manual' on looking after her dog.

You can click through for more samples of finished albums here, I suggest it is worth having a look through before you start, it will help you see what you are trying to achieve

1. Sue started with 12 x 12 bazzill cardstock – but any reasonably thick card will be fine.  I used A4 hammered card as I have loads and covered it with paper

2. Cut a strip 5 inch wide

3. Now you need to get a pencil and ruler and make marks at 1, 6¼, and 6¾ inches.  On an A4 piece of card I did 2.5cm, 15.5cm and 17cm

4. Score along the marks and use a bone folder to make perfect creases (3 creases), the back of a spoon can give a nice finish if you do not have one.

5. Cut 4 pages from plain card stock 4 ½ x 5 inches

6. Score pages at about an inch - the best way to do this is place the ‘page’ under the matchbook flap and mark a score line

7. If you have a corner rounder punch - round the tops of your pages, and all of the corners of the 'cover'.  You might want to do this after you have covered your pages - you decide. 

8. then you need to decorate your cover – including the front 1 inch fold, as you can see on the picture.

9. Hold pages in place and with a ‘pokey tool’ make holes around an inch in from each side taking care NOT to go through the back of the matchbook, so open it out first. 

10. You need to decorate all of your pages and then assemble by poking a brad through each hole. Always decorate your pages first.

AND THEN Make a back pocket – cut cardstock to fit punch ½ a circle in the centre and stick down 3 edges and decorate Finally make tags - a rectangle of card stock with a punched heart at the top - and journal!! Or maybe add more photos And assemble with 2 large brads

Decorating pages - ideas
• Cut patterned paper to either cover all or part of your pages – ink edges
• Use torn patterned on the corners
• Tie the ribbon all the way round the page and knot
• Cover chipboard hearts with paper (cover heart with a wet glue and once dry use a craft knife to cut out) sand and ink edges
• Cut out the shapes –flowers and hearts from the patterned paper and layer with foam pads
• Punch circles and fold in half and clip page edge.

You can turn the book on its side and do the pages that way, so that they open more like a book, or do them so that the page pull downwards, I would reverse my pages on the back if I did it again, so when they are pulled down they are the right way up.

See some ideas here

 © Crafts by Carolyn June 2008