Covering a PGTips Box - Christmas Cookies

Here is the next part of the great project from Maddy, it follows on from this page, and shows you how to complete your box in the "Christmas Cookies" style, shown here.

To make the tree
See the photos below to follow the instructions.  Cut out a triangle from some spare card, just big enough to measure from approx 3/4 the height of the front panel to the edge of the box lid.

NOTE - if you have spotted ribbon that is plain on one side, you can get a nice effect by alternating the layering between spots and plain. Cut out small lengths of ribbon, and cut a V shape at the end of each one.  Glue on each piece of ribbon from the botton and from left to right, layering each each piece to the shape of the triangle.  Once completed turn tree over and trim off any excess.

Glue a small thin piece of ribbon (I've used burgundy) to the underside of the tree, leaving a small length over hanging for the trunk.  Glue your tree onto the front panel.


Front mount - (shown in pink on top picture)
You can add an embellishment on top of the mount if you wish. The panel can be any size that will fit between the tree and the panel edge.
First you need to make a template (refer to pictures below), so once you have decided on the size, cut a rectangle of scrap card.  Fold in half and place a lid on the corner of it.  I used my glue stick lid draw around the lid, and cut out the semi circle shape it has created. Fold in half and trace the semi circle on the opposite corner. Cut out.

Fold lengthways and repeat for the other two corners.

Using this as your template, cut out another piece of card and cover with patterned paper. You may wish to ink/chalk around the edges.  


If you are wanting to attach an embellishment to the panel, this needs to be done now.  Then attach brads and then sticky fixer onto the front of the box.

Ribbon handle.
Make sure the handle is not too long to flop over.  Make two small holes on the top of your lid.  Using a length of ribbon, thread through your two beads.  Tie a knot in one end and thread it trough the hole so the knot is underneath the lid.

Now thread the other end and tie a small knot, again underneath the lid. You can tie more ribbon onto the handle ribbon, make sure it is right up against the beads.

Finishing Touches
Glue your side lid flaps. Cut two long lengths of ribbon and cut one end at an angle.

Pierce a hole on the side lid flap, just in from the end.  Place a brad through the ribbon and attach through the hole (see pic), then repeat for the other side of the lid.  Glue ribbon onto corner just for stability.

Tie your ribbon on the corner of the box.  A nice big bow looks fab! Use a brad to secure ribbon ends together and trim off at an angle.  Thread a co-ordinating ribbon up through the knot in your bow and tie again. Trim off excess at an angle.

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  Crafts by Carolyn October 2008