Covering a PGTips Box

Here is the next part of the great project from Maddy, it follows on from this page, and shows you how to complete your box in the "Humbug" style, shown here.
The box has been created using vintage Stamps from The Artistic Stamper, but you can achieve a similar look with any vintage stamps or die cuts in suitable colours.


Make a template first using a piece of spare card.  Draw around a can lid - this can be any medium size lid - I used a deodorant spray lid which was a perfect size!

Cut your circle out .  Fold in half, turn it around and fold in half again - try to get it as symmetrical as poss, but don't worry if it isn't - it will add to the charm

Using the same lid, place it on the side of the circle (see pic), and draw around and cut out.

Fold your circle in half again, draw the semi circle shape onto the other half of the card.  Cut out.  This is now your template for your latch.

Using your template, trace and cut out 2 latch shapes on your patterned paper/card . Fold each latch shape in half.  Chalk or ink the edges in a shade darker than your patterned paper panels. 

For advice about inking check out this page  

Using a craft knife, make a slit on the fold line on just one of the latch shapes, make it just wide enough for a paper clip to slip through, and glue to tab.

Use a strong glue to fix in place to the underside of the box lid, note I have left a gap between the fold line and the lid edge.

Glue front latch flap up close the lid and glue the 2nd folded latch shape, position so edge meets edge.

Place a small brad (needs to be small enough to slip through the paper clip without catching) through an eyelet refer to photo 

With the lid closed, mark a dot behind the paperclip for the brad, pierce hole and attach brad - position it so that the paperclip can move freely over the brad.

NOTE there will be only a little brad feet to work with at the back. Pierce four more holes, and attach the other four brads to the corners of your latches.


For box tag I chose to stamp on card covered with patterned paper, the design was too strong so coloured over it with a white pencil to lighten it, you can also use a light ink.  Stamp and cut out your label in the shape of a tag.  Cut out a hole and if you wish use an eyelet in the hole.  Attach to box with string/ ribbon and then brad to secure it.

Label on the top of the box.   Firstly choose your stamp or embellishment for the label. Then get a cup or lid bigger than your stamp/embellishment .  Using the same technique for the latches, ie draw around cup etc.. make a template, then transfer onto card.  Stamp or add embellishment.  Ink /chalk edges and then brads to each corner.  Use sticky fixers to attach to box lid.

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  Crafts by Carolyn October 2008