Covering a PGTips Box - Sweetie Pie

Here is the next part of the great project from Maddy, it follows on from this page, and shows you how to complete your box in the "Sweete Pie" style, shown here.

The box has been created using the Stitchel Stamps from The Artistic Stamper, but you can achieve a similar look with other heart stamps or punches.

For the front
Cut out a rectangle a little bigger than your bird stamp or die cut in card. This will be your template for the mount.  Fold in half and place a lid on the corner of it, I used my glue stick lid (Refer to pic), draw around the lid and cut out the semi circle shape it has created.  

Fold in half and trace the semi circle on the opposite corner. Cut out. Fold lengthways and repeat for the other two corners


Using this as your template, cut out another piece of card and cover with patterned paper. You may wish to ink/chalk around the edges. 

Pierce two holes (you can use a hole punch if you have one) on either side of your front mount. Tie a length of ribbon through each hole and trim off excess. Now sticky fixer your bird /die cut to the front panel.  Then sticky fixer again to the front of your box.

Preparing the lid
First you need to stamp your hearts (or birds/flowers etc) onto fairly thick card and then cut out leaving a tab as shown on the picture.  If you have used a punch or die cut, cut two and then 'sandwich' the tab between the two pieces.  Colour and embellish your piece as you wish, with paints, inks, glitters etc. 

Next you need to cut 3 slits along the crease of your box lid, approximately 1cm apart.

Push the tabs into these slits and bend to the back and glue into place.

For the flower on the front add a brad, and then stick to the front of the box with a double sided pad/sticky fixer. 

Before glueing the butterfly to the heart, cut into the wings for a little dimension to the butterfly.

Cut two long lengths of ribbon. Glue the underneath of the lid where the crease mark and tabs are for the hearts. Place ribbon around the underneath of the lid (to hide the tabs) and around the lid, tie ribbon near the corner of the lid - refer to photo.

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  Crafts by Carolyn October 2008