Covering a PGTips Box

Here is a great project from Maddy, she has taken a PGTips box painted it and covered it to make a fabulous gift box, with 3 different finishes. This first page shows you how to cover your box, and then the next 3 pages will take you through the various finishes.

If you can't find the right box or you have similar box then you will need to adjust the paper sizes, but it will still still work.

There are more pictures of finished boxes here
Here is the basic supplies list:

  • PG Tips box 125g (pack of 40)
  • Acrylic paint OR a tester pot of paint. Tip - match your paint to paper - it's easier that way round.
  • Strong glue - that you can move for a few seconds after glueing ie UHU is good!
  • card
  • patterned paper 12 x 12 will be enough for one box
  • ribbon
  • brads

  • For each of the different finishes you will need:

    Sweetie pie box

  • Heart stamps or dies the ones used here are from but any will do.

    Humbug luggage box
  • paper clip
  • eyelet
  • square brads (if poss) - there are a few left in the CBC shop.
  • any vintage style stamps will be suitable
  • tip - Striped paper works real nice with the humbugs !

    Christmas cookies box
  • Spotted ribbon - plain on one side if you can
  • 2 beads with hole big enough to fit the ribbon through.
  • A little star.

    And finally to for something inside
  • card bag
  • goodies for the bag, there are some recipes for homemade sweets on the Cooks Journal
  • Or here are a few other ideas...handmade soaps, bath salts, hot chocolate kit...marshmallows etc

  • Let's get started:
    Clear out your box of any dust/debris, a good blow with a hairdryer or get your cleaner out on it.

    Now you need to gently prise open the lid flaps as seen in the photo - you will glue the lid back together later, but making it a bit bigger to allow for the paper that you will have added. 

    Neatly cut away the inner edges, shaded grey in the photo.

    Next, you need to paint the box - you may need two coats of paint.

    Use a dabbing motion (this stops streaky lines) and paint approx 2 1/2cm in from the sides as indicated on the photo.  Leave to dry and go to the next step.


    For boxes other than PG tips, measure each panel and decrease by 1cm, for PGtips boxes use the following measurements:

    CUT Note - please write on the back of each cut panel which panel it is, and also indicate the right way round the panel should be - refer to photo. This is important particularly if your patterned paper has an obvious vertical pattern.

  • Front - width 9 1/2 x 9 cm
  • Back - width 9 1/2 x 9 cm
  • Side x 2 - width 9 x 9cm
  • Bottom - 9 x 9cm
  • Top - width 9 1/2 x 8
  • Front flap - widh 9 1/2 x 2 cm
  • Side flaps x 2 - width 7 1/2 x 2 cm, cut ends at the same angle as flaps on the box.
  • Repeat front panel in card.
  • for Inside panels repeat panel cuts, but omit the flaps and attach after any brads you may wish to use on your box.

  • Chalk or ink your panel edges in a shade darker than your patterned paper panels.  For advice about inking check out this page

    Glue on panels.

    Note - do not cover over the crease line on the lid - refer to photo.

    Glue lid flaps back after all brads have been attached.

    General tips for completing your project

    To stamp on the front of your box - place something solid underneath the panel, I used a wooden stamp, although where ever possible stamp your paper before gluing to your box.

    Cut a strip of patterned paper and attach to under lid and in between crease marks to neaten any marks left over from preparation.

    If you haven't done the inside panels for the box, you can still make it decorative by placing tissue paper inside or by cutting strips of paper either by hand or by shredder.

    Well you have now prepared your basic box, if you go to these pages - you can see step by step guidance on how to complete your box:
    Sweetie pie
    Christmas Cookies
    Goodie Bag

      Crafts by Carolyn October 2008