Make an embellishment - pinwheels/windmills

Here is a fun embellishment, I remember making these years ago at primary school.... as a child I loved them and always remind me of seaside holidays.  Sue has done a lovely scrapbook page and it inspired me to have a go with a card.


I would love to see if you make one, and how you use it :)  - share your creation on the forum

I used a square of thin card, but try it with some different thicknesses, obviously it depends how big you want your finsihed piece, but I found a square measuring 5.5cms worked quite well, small then this and it gets fiddly!

All you need to do is mark across with a pencil from corner to corner like in the picture (first pic I took was rubbish, so now have it in a different piece of scrap, and managed to write 5cm rather than 5.5cm!). Then just cut in about 2.5cms which is about a third, from each of the corners.  <

If you want to add your own pattern, I would do this on the reverse.

Once you are done rub out the markings.

You could fold instead of marking, but will it leave creases, but quick and easy.

Pinwheels embellishments for cards and scrapbooking

Pinwheels embellishments for cards and scrapbooking

You can use patterned paper, either single sided or patterend on both.  I used plain card and just stamped on one side as I wanted to make a card for the red, white and blue challenge and I didn't have any paper suitable.

I stamped before I cut it.  You can see Sue's below where she has used patterned paper and a beautiful button.

I inked the edges, before folding...or the first time I did it as an afterthought!

Then it is just a case of folding in the corners. I used my pokey tool first time and then put a brad through. The next attempt I just glued it, I did 2 corners at a time and held it until the glue dried...quick drying glue is probably the easiest....if only I had some! I then added a button this time.

And here it is - bad pic again - I put some glitter in the middle and decided I didn't like it!  So I made another which you can see on the card below, and used the pattern the other way.

Pinwheels embellishments for cards and scrapbooking

Pinwheels embellishments for cards and scrapbooking

Sue made a far better job than me and did this fantastic scrapbook page :) - isn't it lovely?

Pinwheels embellishments for cards and scrapbooking

And here is a close up of Sue's pinwheel

And this is my card, with a tiny blue button and no glitter...I had forgotten the bling for the challenge...

Pinwheels embellishments for cards and scrapbooking

  Carolyn Woodruff June 2012