Post it note cover with pen holder

Calv from the forum has made this fab post it note cover with a great little pen holder.  Check out his blog for more of his creations.  

There are loads of different versions of this on the net, and measurements will vary from project to project. I just did what what was easy and what worked.

These instructions were also printed on the forum and I am sure that there will be some more examples from the members.

You will need sheet of card 8 inches by 3 inches, and two pieces of patterned paper with the same dimensions to cover it.  If you can find patterned card that is thick enough for a cover you can use this instead.

In this project I have left the inside plain so that you can see my markings.

Stick the paper to your card using a glue suitable for sticking paper to card - it mustn't be too wet. Or use double sided sticky tape.

You can ink the edges once it is glued, if you wish, check out the inks page on the 'how to use' section for more advice.

You need to mark your card on the inside with a pencil with the following dimensions:

Measure in 3 inches from each end, mark and score these lines.

Now you need to score in the middle of your card, so it should look like the example, fold on all of the score lines.

So now you need to create the slot for the pen holder, measure and mark 1 inches from the top and bottom of the holder.  Then use a knife to carefully cut between the two outer score lines.

You can push the top and bottom inwards and the 'pen holder' outwards as shown in the pictures here:

Take the back off your post it notes and pop them into holder - you can add some extra glue to hold them in place.


So here is the finished article. Calv has added ribbon so that you can fasten it closed and score it outwards.

If you wish to round the corners, it is best to make the cover slightly larger.

  CraftsbyCarolyn Sept 2008