Scrapbook tutorial 1

Sue from the forum loves to scrapbook and is encouraging us all to have a go, and so she has written this lovely tutorial to get get us started.  

This layout is 8 inches square and the photos 6 X 4, all measurements are in inches

You will need:

  • a photo 6 X 4 (landscape)
  • 3 co-ordinating patterned papers (PP)
  • 2/3 matching blooms to layer
  • matching brads
  • letters for title - stickers, printed or maybe die cut your own - it will ALL work
  • leaf punch - optional
  • corner punch - optional
  • glitter - optional

    Now you need to
  • Cut your PP 8 X 8"square
  • Cut a second piece of PP into a 7.5 x 1" strip
  • Cut your third piece of PP into a 7 x 3.25" strip
  • If you have a corner rounder - round the corners if not no worries

  • free card scrapbook tutorial

    free card scrapbook tutorial

    Layer your cut pieces onto your background as shown - I use a repositionable adhesive - Herma from Scrap Revolution but any will do.

    Use this file change the colour and print cut out the letters for the month you require, and adhere them to a 2" x 1" piece of PP.  Round off the corners, then add this tab and the photo to your layout.


    free card scrapbook tutorial
    free card scrapbook tutorial
    Finally add the title and blooms and brads - I have a leaf punch I used with the blooms - if you do not have one a flourish stamp or a swirl die cut will work just as well.

    I added glitter onto the blooms as it matched the 'young' in my title - it does say young, cos its blingy you cant read it very well - sorry

    VOILA a very simple but as I promised FABULOUS LO - why is it FABULOUS cos its yours, and unlike a card you get to keep it.

      CraftsbyCarolyn Apr 2010