Scrapbook tutorial 2

Sue from the forum loves to scrapbook and is encouraging us all to have a go, and has written this second tutorial to encourage us to have a go.  The second turorial - to get you started...

This layout is 8 inches square and the photos 6 X 4, all measurements are in inches

You will need:

  • a photo 6 X 4 (landscape)
  • 3 coordinating papers - I have used 2 plain and 1 patterned (PP)
  • paper punch - I have used a star

    Now you need to:
  • Cut your background page to 8 x 8" square
  • Cut a second piece of paper into a 6.5 x 4.5" rectangle
  • Cut your third piece of paper into a 4.75 x 2.5" strip

  • free card scrapbook tutorial

    free card scrapbook tutorial

    Now get a felt pen, I use a Sharpie and I like to use black mostly as it seem to make my pages 'pop', but any colour will do - and then draw a wavy line around all 3 pieces - start at the corner and do not stop till you reach the next corner, it will make it smoother - INK ALL EDGES IN BLACK.

    Adhere paper into place a shown

    free card scrapbook tutorial
    free card scrapbook tutorial
    add your photo - note all the different angles - just adds interest BUT its fine if you prefer it all straight BOTH ways will work.

    Now this looks hard but it isn't HONEST - we are going to hand cut some letters for your title

    The trick is to write them backwards on the reverse side of the paper - if in doubt get a thick marker pen and some thin copy/computer paper and write your title out - in CAPITAL LETTERS then flip the thin copy paper over and use this to copy when you write on your 'real' paper.

    Use a pencil and make the letters around 1" or more high, once you have the letter then draw round the letter - you need not be that neat trust me.

    free card scrapbook tutorial
    free card scrapbook tutorial
    They then need cutting out - as a tip DO NOT cut out any centres far to hard so cannot be doing with that - instead cut a 'centre' from the off cuts of your back group paper and stick into place again I inked all the edges hides all my terrible cutting!!

    Now on ALL LO's there really SHOULD be some journalling to explain what was occurring - especially for folk in the future - I am REALLY bad at this as my writing is so scruffy - so I cheat - like you would expect anything else!!

    If I handwrite I HIDE it and leave a tag to pull out from under a photo or I use my computer.

    When using my PC I often use A4 file paper as it already has the lines on - not that I use them I just like the look as if you are journalling on real note-paper IYSWIM

    So type your journalling - I love most of the handwriting fonts that are around and cut into a thin strip. 

    free card scrapbook tutorial
    free card scrapbook tutorial
    Position as shown - I drew round my hand cut title - to give it a sharper look, I also added a couple of punched shapes with inked edges.

      CraftsbyCarolyn June 2010