Using a basket on a card

Here are some instructions for using the little baskets that are available form the shop, they were very kindly put together by Nicola H.

Gather up a selection of silk flowers, small silk leaves, flower stamen, beads on a thread. Baskets are from the shop here MT99
...or anything else you'd like to put in your basket.

Cut the basket in half using scissors, cutting just behind the handle. If you cut carefully, you can use both the front and back of the basket.


Glue along the back of the basket with hot glue to keep the cut edges in place. When the glue is almost cool, press with your fingers to mould it neatly on the raw edges. Then run a line of hot glue along the back of the basket again and stick it immediately to your piece of card.


Arrange the flowers, leaves and beads into a bouquet and use the wire from the flower stems to hold it all together.

Glue the flower arrangement into the basket.

The Finished Result:

Here are a few more