Here are some instructions for making a bouquet.

These instructions and pics were all created by Carol M on the forum - my thanks for all her hard work.

Take a square of mulberry paper or angel hair:

Depending on the size of the bouquet I normally do one about 10cms x 10 cms

Fold each of the sides into the middle

Stick the joins together with sticky dots/ glue etc. Cut a curve into the cone so that your bouquet sits in nicely

Put your bouquet in the middle of your bouquet

You need to fold up the bottom section towards the back of the bouquet. Stick the back with some glue/sticky dots etc

Take the left side and fold towards the middle of the bouquet. Hold in place. Repeat for the other side

Wrap the ribbon around the middle once and then tie a bow.

Now you have the perfect hand tied bouquet ready to add to your card.

Here are some completed cards, click for larger image: