Simple Shaker Card

Here are some instructions for making a shaker 'topper'.

These instructions and pics were all created by Anita, Unique Invites, on the forum - my thanks for all her hard work.

This tutorial shows how to make Shaker Frames using a folded piece of square paper. There is no cutting of apertures required. This technique will only give you a square frame and the size is dependent on the size of the paper. The paper I have used for this is 97mm giving a 68mm square frame.

Materials Needed:
  • Square sheet of paper
  • Stamps
  • Clear ink pad
  • Chalks (or other decorative materials)

  • Background embellishment/Sticker
  • Foam pads
  • Acetate
  • Glue
  • Glitter/Beads/Confetti

Take your square of paper:

Fold it diagonally corner to corner. Unfold

Repeat with the other two corners and unfold.

Fold a corner into the centre point. Repeat with the other 3 other corners and unfold.

Fold the corner up to the previous fold mark. Repeat with the other three corners.

Fold again in towards the centre, repeat with the other three sides.

This gives you the basic 'frame' shape which is now ready to decorate.

I have used a stamp & chalk technique here but you can do whatever you like. Putting a scrap of paper into the centre will protect the background whilst you work

Stick your items onto the background. Now lightly pencil round the inside edge of the frame. Unfold your sides.

Staying outside the pencil the lined square, stick your foam pads to form a wall. Continue round until the square is fully enclosed.

Add the glitter/beads to the centre.

Cut a sheet of acetate to fit (for this size of frame a 65x65mm square of acetate is needed and stick to the top of the foam pads.

Spread glue round all 4 edges of the inside of the frame.

Fold the sides back towards the centre pulling slightly over the foam pads. Make sure the corners meet.

The finished frame is now ready to be attached to a card.