Here are some easy instructions to make a teddy from a chenille stick, I have just added them to the shop - but supplies are limited at the moment.

Here is a little bear that I have been making for years that is quite fun to make. I have sat at craft fairs years ago with an audience of children watching in amazement!

Start with his legs these are just over 1cm. Make sure that you leave the end slightly longer to help make his body. Carry on up to his ears - this is about 3.5cms

Now you need to make two ears, just by pinching two little points.

Bring it across the front and back again, to make his 'nose'.

Next are the arms, they are about 1cm. Bring the chenille stick behind for the first arm, and then bring along the front to do the second then behind again.

Wrap the last piece around his middle at least once and possibly twice. Ending on the back, cut off any excess.

Now all you need to do is dress him. I use 3D paints for his eyes and nose, but have also used tiny seed beads. I also add a bow tie, white ones are good with silver ties for christening cards. The cord from the shop is great for this.

I have made bigger ones with the thicker sticks and really teeny tiny ones from the pipe cleaner size ones.