Wire Dragonfly

Another embellishment made using wire.

Theses instructions and pics were all created by Carol M on the forum - my thanks for all her hard work.

Fold some wire to about 20cm when folded. This gives you plenty of extra wire, you can shorten if required

Twist the bottom of the wire leaving a little loop at the bottom.

Add approx 8 or 9 beads (depending on the size you are using) over both strands of the wire. The beads should measure approx 1.5 cm in total.

When you have finished adding the beads, give the wire a twist at the top of the beads to make sure they stay in place

Next, take the left hand wire make a loop of about 2 cm, then tuck the wire from the loop behind the wire that is straight.

Using the same piece of wire, make a loop on the right side of approx 1cm.

Using the other piece of wire, make a 2cm loop on the right hand side

Using the same piece of wire make a small loop of approx 1 cm

I have looped the piece of wire around where the joins are just to secure them. Give the join a squeeze to make sure that it is all tight and then add on 3 or four beads.

Then trim off some of the excess wire and add your antennas.

Shape wings as required.

I fix my designs onto card using tacky glue and weigh them down with some paper punches! I normally mount them onto fabric and I feel that this helps the gluing. You can sew them to fabric or even the card, or use UHU glue or similar. If you add more beads this will give you a better surface for fixing.