Wire Heart

One of the easiest embellishments to make from wire just using your hands is a heart.
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Cut a length of wire somewhere between 15cm and 20cm will be fine, you can adjust the length to suit your size. Pop a bead onto the wire and fold the wire in half. Now twist the bead so that it is fixed on the wire.

At this stage you can add more beads either side and set them into place with a little glue.

Now twist the ends together.

Open out the wire shape near the bead.

Push the centre bead into the middle. Adjust the shape to your desired heart shape - long and thin or short and fat, and use your fingers to make the shape even. You can always twist the ends together a bit more and cut off the surplus to make the heart smaller.

I fix my designs onto card using tacky glue and weigh them down with some paper punches! I normally mount them onto fabric and I feel that this helps the gluing. You can sew them to fabric or even the card, or use UHU glue or similar. If you add more beads this will give you a better surface for fixing.

Here is a 'topper' ready to mount on a card. The organza ribbon has come out a little strange on the scan!