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There are loads of bags out there - I thought that this may be different. I hae also provided a template for you to draw around if you don't have a Robo.

Basically it is a front and back of a bag, that is joined by the flap from the back folding to the front. The blue flap I stuck on top to give it a bit of colour - the choice is yours, I actually used a circle punch, but you can draw a circle with the robo.  It is easily adapted to take post it notes as you can see - just make two folds in the flap to provide a small spine. I put mine through the cuttlebug and just folded the flap over and it seemed OK. I intend to fold the handle down to get it in an envelope anyway. I have provided an optional inner that you can add for strength if you cut it on thin card.

Don't forget you can make things bigger and smaller in the Craft Robo Software, if you select both items you will make them bigger together.

bag note pad on the robo
handbag card on the robo
handbag card template

File here

Optional inner

PDF template for drawing around
handbag card template

  Crafts by Carolyn May 2009