Free Downloads - Craft Robo GSD files - Birthday greetings cut and print & borders

I have no idea why I have never print and cut before on the Robo - it was easy once I lined the print in the robo so that the big spot on corner edge was alongside the cutting head. It even tells you which way to put them into the Robo. .

You can change the colours - just be careful to check the cutline settings - Go to --> Output settings --> cutting settings tab --> cutline settings. Check the print preview and the cut preview before going ahead. I have grouped some of them - so you will need to 'ungroup' them to edit individual lines.

I have made some just circles without the scalloped edge and then provided just some scallops to match so you can cut these in a different colour. The font is BaaBookHmk - you may need to load it - or change the font by selecting and right clicking - choose text settings.

I am including a border file as well - so that you can cut scallops to edge your projects

Don't forget you can make things bigger and smaller in the Craft Robo Software.

Birthday greetings scalloped

Birthday greetings scalloped
Birthday greetings scalloped

Birthday greetings scalloped

GSD File here - print and cut

GSD File here - cut files for coloured 'shadows'

GSD File here - Fabulous scalloped and other borders

They are all designed in version 5.1 - which I downloaded from the Silhouette site for free:
qksilhouette I have also added a pdf file that you can print out and trace around, or cut out and colour

  Carolyn Woodruff February 2010