Project - Craft Robo - Etched glasses

Craft Fairy (Lisa) 'etched' these glasses with the help of her Robo.  They were given as wedding favours, and had the guests' name on one side, and the bride and groom names on the other side.  

You need to get some sticky backed vinyl that is suitable for using on your Robo.  Arrange the names that you want onto the sheet, making sure there is enough space around each to stick to the glass.  I always add a round corner rectangle around names like this then they will come off in one piece.

Once you have prepared your names, the ones shown here by Lisa were in font 'Pristina', stick them onto a clean glass and following the instructions with your etching paste.  Lisa used 'amour etch' which she applied with a paintbrush, perfect present for a special occasion.  

Don't forget you can make things bigger and smaller in the Craft Robo Software.

Etched glasses
Etched glasses

  Crafts by Carolyn October 2009