Free Downloads - Craft Robo GSD files - flip card

I have seen this style of card in books and on the internet and have been meaning to get around to making one...of course when I wanted to do it - I couldn't remember what they are called and couldn't find one.  So I sorted out the measurements myself.  I still don't know what to call it!  I must make a pdf file, as they are easy to cut out, you can see from the image the shape you need to do, the centre bits need to be around 2.5 - 3cms/1 inch I reckon to be in reasonable proportions.  This one closes to be a square card.

Don't forget you can make things bigger and smaller in the Craft Robo Software, so you should be able to keep the proportions. 

flip card

flip card

flip card
GSD main file here

GSD copy for inner paper cut out

It is has been saved in version 5.1, which is available from Graphtec
graphtec or use in Silhouette studio

  Carolyn Woodruff February 2010