Sewing in scrapbooking

This month Sue is sharing her beautiful scrapbook layouts with you, and I hope that they will inspire you to have a go. These all feature sewing, there are many ways to introduce thread to your work, it doesn't have to be via a sewing machine, and you will see in these examples how attractive it looks. It makes the page very tactile.

You can sew with normal sewing thread, or try some different ideas, such as metallic thread, fine wool, fine ribbon, or maybe even string or twine.  You can prick a template first in acetate, if you are not brave enough to just go ahead and do it on your page.  Use stamps and images to get templates.

Check out Sue's blog to see lots more of her work - simply handmade by Sue


1 - Beat
So to start with some hand stitched crosses. 

2 - Cool Dudes
Buttons have been hand sewn with metallic thread . 

3- Muscle beach
The buttons are handstitched, along with the zig zags. 

4 - Bird in the hand
Machine sewn zig zags. 

5 - portrait of an idiot
Hand stitched, prick the layout using a template and then get sewing with backstitch. 

6 - Perfect Cousins
Machine sewn zig zags. 

7 - Life is good
Draw a circle using a round object such as a plate and prick around, then get sewing. 

8 - in a class of our own
Pricked and sewn - see below for the close up. 

10 - Mum
Beautiful hand stitched swirls, and a hand stitched button. 

8 - close up

  Crafts by Carolyn Feb 2012