Thrifty crafting recycling ideas - more images

Carole (Cazat81) from the forum made this card using ribbon rescued from packaging keeping together angora socks, the victorian image is a wrapper from a mini chocolate bar. I try to be as thrifty/recycle as much as is possible. I think we crafters look quite differently at things, what others may see as no longer having a purpose and just throw out. Gives me palpatations just thinking about such waste!

Bottle tops used by Jackie, and used a cropodile to add an eyelet through the middle.  There is more information about eyelets here. The tops have been flattened by a mallet.

Another sample of bottle tops by Jackie.

You can see the wallet opened here.  The tutorial to make this is here in the projects section. 

Jackie made this tops to go in a mini album, the images are ding bats

Jackie has used corks on this scrapbook page  She sliced a piece of cork and put it into a bottle cap, and also added a piece of cork.

Tomato puree tube used by Angelnorth

An old map used by Leggies.

  Crafts by Carolyn August 2009